Harold Rosen Feb. 9 1938, Brooklyn, NY to Nov. 28, 2021, Sunrise, Florida

Harold Rosen was a Renaissance Man, Philosopher, Engineer and DIY expert. He worked for 30 years for the NY Telephone Company and later for the New York subway system.

Harold was also famous for his various quotes about life, some of which are featured below.

He loved his coffee, whiskey and his pipe and enjoyed his grapefruit (see video page)

Harold Rosen was born in Seagate Brooklyn, NY on February 9, 1938 to Leah and David Rosen. Harold Rosen lived in Tamarac, Florida and passed on November 28, 2021 in Sunrise Florida.

My dysfunctional family of origin (The Rosens) prevented me from saying goodbye to my old man before he died, withheld telling me he died for half a day thereby preventing me from seeing him in the hospital and never informed me about his funeral or memorial service plans.

They fed him lies and conspiracy theories about me until the end. However, I did get to enjoy many years with him and only the last six months did things go south when his health was failing and he was living in less than optimal and healthy situation for his condition. Then my brothers plotted and lied to my father about me in order to isolate me and to steal his money. They used the power of attorney my father granted to my brother to cut me out of the will and his estate.

So I got zero from a roughly $2 million estate.

I’m not bitter about the money, but extremely disappointed in how my family blocked me from seeing and saying goodbye to my father. That is what they stole from me.

Harold Rosen’s Famous Sayings

Life’s Rules  & General Sayings 

  • Give me a 5 min warning 
  • Never give a sucker an even break 
  • Read you the riot act 
  • Recycling my thinking 
  • I’m not sleeping, only resting my eyes 
  • Happy coffee time it’s happy coffee time… 
  • We are running dangerously low on coffee 
  • Whiskey is a terrible thing to waste 
  • There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old and bold  pilots 
  • Sleeping is for wimps 
  • Keep your eyes peeled 
  • Everyone knows what they are doing but me 
  • House is lit up like a night game at Yankee stadium. 
  • I got it on sale. 
  • Corporation is paying, and I’m eating 
  • U.S. Currency 
  • G-Pop (general population) 
  • “No towel in the bathroom ” 
  • Living in a right handed world 
  • Everything is designed for right handed people 
  • Speed is your enemy, distance is your friend
  • I’m OUT!  Of these proceedings 
  • I’m having a better meal than the president of the American medical association. 
  • Take me into the backroom and beat me up. 
  • Read me the riot act 
  • Fucking dumb senior citizen 
  • I bet I am the only one that…. 
  • …in brackets { } . 
  • My nerves are shot 
  • Dancing through hoops, I hate this shit 
  • Senior citizen brain 
  • Put an asterisk on it.
  • Weather permitting …
  • Some people can afford to be stupid and lazy 
  • I don’t want to get written up 
  • Nobody helps Harold 
  • give Harold some credit. 
  • Gentleman’s lavatory

Do and Don’t Sayings  

  • Don’t buy things you don’t need 
  • Don’t work on the floor, only gypsies work on the floor 
  • Don’t leave your home in pajamas 
  • Stop playing while I’m working 
  • False start abandon 
  • Don’t make a federal case … 
  • I have to declutter. 
  • I had to do  a floor routine to get X done 
  • Hold the camera steady. 
  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Don’t travel on holidays 
  • No food goes to waste 
  • Always wear a belt 
  • Always tuck in your shirt 
  • Always make your bed 
  • No mater what I do it is not good enough for anyone. 
  • No talking while ascending the stairs, only on the landings 
  • Don’t throw anything away, you might need it later.


  • Have no one to please 
  • Can’t afford love 
  • Love is very expensive and the price of love keeps going  up 
  • When someone says, I love you, response = “Love my ass. I can’t afford to love anyone.” 
  • Built like a brick shit house 
  • Girls get their claws into your back 
  • Soft plump females

Personal Property / Home life / DIY repairs 

  • Property Check 
  • Don’t drop things. 
  • No talking when you leave the private residence 
  • Private motor vehicle 
  • Private residence 
  • Hanging around the house clothes 
  • Maintenance clothes 
  • Not letting a plumber take his family on vacation that I paid for. 
  • Cheap cheap – the only way to live


  • I’ve seen it all before 
  • Paid for 9innings, were staying for 9 innings 
  • Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory-
  • Greatest night in left handed history reference Reggie 
  • Jackson 3 homers on 3 pitches 
  • Gym ‘n a stick 

final thoughts

Fuck off David Rosen and Fuck off Kevin Rosen.

there are others I want to tell to fuck off but I will just leave it here with my two brothers that stole from me … not so much the money, but the ability to say goodbye.