Harold Rosen Feb. 9 1938, Brooklyn, NY to Nov. 28, 2021, Sunrise, Florida

Harold Rosen and Baseball

Harold Rosen was a huge baseball fan, ever since I could remember. Baseball was his favorite season from Grapefruit League to October.

He would have loved to see Aaron Judge’s homer run this season and compare it to Roger Maris’ run.

He used to listen to ballgames at night on the porch drinking his beer. He had an old transistor radio with a huge battery jury-rigged to the back so it could play all season long on one battery.

He knew all the stats and players of the 1950s and later Yankees, Dodgers and Giants. When the Dodgers moved to LA it broke his heart.

later in life he became a Yankees fan, even though he hated them as a kid.

He loved unusual plays and would repeat the plays using baseball position numbers for the players and the flow of the play.

HAROLD ROSEN Baseball Quotes:

“I paid for nine innings I’m staying for nine innings.”

“Never bet against the Yankees.”


Yankee Stadium

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