Harold Rosen Feb. 9 1938, Brooklyn, NY to Nov. 28, 2021, Sunrise, Florida

Harold Rosen’s Last Road Trip

I can say a lot about my Old Man. He was a great dad and I loved him to the very end. He taught me many things from how to fix just about anything to standing up for what’s right even if it’s not popular. 

While I was denied any opportunity to say goodbye to him, by my family of origin, based on conspiracy theories which I will not dignify nor comment on, I want to remember The last Road Trip I took with him to my niece’s wedding.  I didn’t think it would be the last trip (Feb. 2020), but I also knew future trips would be hard based on his health and living situation.

Together we drove the long road from South Florida to the Panhandle. We kept the radio low and had lots of time to talk about the past, life in general, and he recommitted to settling his legacy, fairly and evenly. A  father and his eldest son, reliving a time before cell phones, everything we needed was in that car. 

Fueled by gas station coffee, I did all the driving – at night we would eat well and even enjoy a whiskey or two.

My niece’s beach wedding was beautiful and she was stunning. As the father of the bride was not invited, my father and I took pride that we were representing the Rosens.

The following day we went to visit the USS Alabama, a WWII battleship museum in Mobile.  On the way back home we visited a train museum in Plant City.  

As I left home for the Navy 2 weeks after HS graduation and never really spent any significant time back home after the Navy, this road trip became even more meaningful for me.  And while  I didn’t get to say goodbye, the memories I have are mine and no one can take those away. 

Dedicated to Harold Rosen and posted on his birthday, by his loving son.

Love & miss you Old Man.

Alec J. Rosen

final thoughts 

Fuck off David Rosen and Fuck off Kevin Rosen.

there are others I want to tell to fuck off but I will just leave it here with my two brothers that stole from me … not so much the money, but the ability to say goodbye.

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