Harold Rosen Feb. 9 1938, Brooklyn, NY to Nov. 28, 2021, Sunrise, Florida

Harold Rosen famous sayings

Harold Rosen was famous for his various quotes and rules about life, love, maintenance and other stuff, some of which are featured below.

Life’s Rules   

  • Give me a 5 min warning 
  • Never give a sucker an even break 
  • Read you the riot act 
  • Recycling my thinking 
  • I’m not sleeping, only resting my eyes 
  • Happy coffee time it’s happy coffee time… 
  • We are running dangerously low on coffee 
  • Whiskey is a terrible thing to waste 
  • There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old and bold  pilots 
  • Sleeping is for wimps 
  • Keep your eyes peeled 
  • Everyone knows what they are doing but me 
  • House is lit up like a night game at Yankee stadium. 
  • I got it on sale. 
  • Corporation is paying, and I’m eating 
  • U.S. Currency 
  • G-Pop (general population) 
  • “No towel in the bathroom ” 
  • Living in a right handed world 
  • Everything is designed for right handed people 
  • Speed is your enemy, distance is your friend
  • I’m OUT!  Of these proceedings 
  • I’m having a better meal than the president of the American medical association. 
  • Take me into the backroom and beat me up. 
  • Read me the riot act 
  • Fucking dumb senior citizen 
  • I bet I am the only one that…. 
  • …in brackets { } . 
  • My nerves are shot 
  • Dancing through hoops, I hate this shit 
  • Senior citizen brain 
  • Put an asterisk on it.
  • Weather permitting …
  • Some people can afford to be stupid and lazy 
  • I don’t want to get written up 
  • Nobody helps Harold 
  • give Harold some credit. 
  • Gentleman’s lavatory

Do and Don’t  

  • Don’t buy things you don’t need 
  • Don’t work on the floor, only gypsies work on the floor 
  • Don’t leave your home in pajamas 
  • Stop playing while I’m working 
  • False start abandon 
  • Don’t make a federal case … 
  • I have to declutter. 
  • I had to do  a floor routine to get X done 
  • Hold the camera steady. 
  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Don’t travel on holidays 
  • No food goes to waste 
  • Always wear a belt 
  • Always tuck in your shirt 
  • Always make your bed 
  • No mater what I do it is not good enough for anyone. 
  • No talking while ascending the stairs, only on the landings 
  • Don’t throw anything away, you might need it later.


  • Have no one to please 
  • Can’t afford love 
  • Love is very expensive and the price of love keeps going  up 
  • When someone says, I love you, response = “Love my ass. I can’t afford to love anyone.” 
  • Built like a brick shit house 
  • Girls get their claws into your back 
  • Soft plump females

Personal Property / Home life / DIY repairs 

  • Property Check 
  • Don’t drop things. 
  • No talking when you leave the private residence 
  • Private motor vehicle 
  • Private residence 
  • Hanging around the house clothes 
  • Maintenance clothes 
  • Not letting a plumber take his family on vacation that I paid for. 
  • Cheap cheap – the only way to live


  • I’ve seen it all before 
  • Paid for 9innings, were staying for 9 innings 
  • Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory-
  • Greatest night in left handed history reference Reggie 
  • Jackson 3 homers on 3 pitches 
  • Gym ‘n a stick 

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